The Parish Council has nine Councillors and ordinarily meets on the first Thursday of every month in the Methodist Chapel Schoolroom to discuss issues relating to the maintenance of village facilities, the welfare of its inhabitants and planning applications. Villagers are encouraged to attend these meetings.
The main purpose of the Parish Council is to improve well-being in the community and to help provide better services to people living in the parish.

It does this by:
- Providing some local services such as grass cutting and village maintenance.
- Passing on the views of local people.
- Protecting the environment and the greenbelt.

It has a range of discretionary powers, including raising a precept – a form of council tax used to fulfil duties and raise funding on occasion for community driven projects.

The council:
- Liaises with North Yorkshire Council and comments on planning applications.
- Represents village interests with other groups.
- Manages village assets.
- Supports village organisations.

It has limited direct power but it voices grass-roots opinion. It negotiates with and influences organisations who make the final decisions.
This Website has been developed to keep you informed of news and events relating to the village. The aim of the Parish Council is to work on your behalf in order to ensure that all our residents enjoy the full beauty of the village. If you have any concerns or suggestions then please feel free to contact us.