North Duffield Parish Council act as a consultee (in the interests of and on behalf of residents of North Duffield Parish) for planning applications which are made through the North Yorkshire Council Planning Office.
Typically, all planning consultations are passed to the Parish Council to enable local representatives to provide grassroots influence over the planning decisions made by North Yorkshire Council.

Village Design Statement

The Village Design Statement (VDS) was developed, researched and written by local residents. Its production involved a wide section of the village community and as such is representative of the village as a whole. View VDS

Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Planning allows people to come together through a local Parish Council and say where they think new houses, businesses, shops etc should go and what they should look like. Many Parishes within the area are now adopting their own plans. This will enable the communities to develop their own planning policy to reflect the priorities of local people and to provide an additional level of detail than those at North Yorkshire Council. These policies would be set out in a Neighbourhood Plan.

The Parish Council would like to hear from anybody interested in looking at helping to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish. Funding for the plan is available through grants and it would be a valuable asset for the community to have. Please contact the Clerk to register an interest in being part of the 'Neighbourhood Plan' working group. If enough interest is shown the Parish Council will take steps to support the project and apply to develop one.

You can access the North Yorkshire Council Planning Portal HERE